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Tokise High School (時瀬高等学校, Tokise Kōtō Gakkō) is a high school located in Kanagawa Prefecture. It is the school of the protagonists of the Kono Oto Tomare!.


Tokise High School requires students to come in uniforms. The school uniform is shown to consist of two sets: the first set consists of a light blue polo for boys and blouse for girls, with a blue (of darker hue than the polo) stripe surrounding near the edge of the collar and sleeves while the second set consists of just a plain white polo or blouse. Both sets include a red with orange stripes necktie for boys and bow tie for girls, and a checkered brown pants for boys and skirt for girls. Students also wear a blue coat over their polo/blouse, but they are sometimes seen without it. Sometimes, a light gray vest is also worn over their polo/blouse.


Tokise has at least 6 classes and uses English letters to identify classes. It appears that Tokise does not have special classes, e.g., college preparatory class. Students' classes are reshuffled every year.



Name Year Extracurricular
Chika Kudo 1st -> 2nd[1] Koto Club
Takezo Kurata 2nd -> 3rd[1] Koto Club
Satowa Hozuki 1st -> 2nd[1] Koto Club
Saneyasu Adachi 1st -> 2nd[1] Koto Club
Kota Mizuhara 1st -> 2nd[1] Koto Club
Michitaka Sakai 1st -> 2nd[1] Koto Club
Hiro Kurusu 2nd -> 3rd[1] Koto Club
Atsumu Yoshinaga 1st Koto Club
Natsu Momoya 1st Koto Club
Tetsuki Takaoka 1st -> 2nd


  • The kanji 時 means "time" while 瀬 means "rapids" or "current".