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Tetsuki Takaoka ( (たか) (おか) (てつ) () , Takaoka Tetsuki) is a second year student at Tokise High School and the best friend of Chika Kudo.


Tetsuki has black hair. He has piercings and wears glasses when he's studying.


Tetsuki comes from a rich family. His father is a director of a huge hospital.



Chika Kudo

  • He and Chika have been friends since they were young, despite having quite the opposite of reputations. According to Tetsuki, he thinks even the teachers at their school sees him as Chika's guardian, which Isaki also kids him about. He is arguably the person who understands Chika the most. Chika goes to him often when he has problems and consults with him. He has also helped him many times, not just in studies.

Sane, Kota, and Mittsu

  • Sane, Kota and Mittsu are also close friends of Tetsuki. At first, the three questioned Tetsuki's associating with Chika. However, the three has since been friends, too, through Tetsuki as their mutual friend. He tutors the three and Chika when they have exams and they call Tetsuki their secret weapon.

Isaki Kudo

  • Tetsuki once hitched a ride when Isaki was driving, after which the former was terrified and almost puked.
  • Chika once teased Isaki when the latter offered another ride for Tetsuki, asking whether she really wanted to get Tetsuki killed with her terrible driving.


  • According to his profile page[1]
    • Tetsuki likes curry, sushi, and donburi. He dislikes sweet food.
    • During school holidays, he does what he feels like doing for the day.
    • Tetsuki is a person who hates to lose for no special reason.
  • Tetsuki is good at fighting. He single-handedly crushed the three delinquents whom tried to frame Chika Kudo for ravaging the Koto club room and hitting Takezou. Tetsuki made sure the three delinquents turn in themselves, and thus freed Chika from the accusations.
  • Tetsuki is good at cooking. He once cooked for Chika, Sane, Kota, Mittsu and Kurata when the five visited his house for a study session. Sane even asked for seconds.
  • Tetsuki has a gentle demeanour and cares deeply for his friends. He offered to take care of Momo and Aki (Mittsu's younger siblings) when Mittsu had to pick up Hana (his younger sister) and drop by a hospital since Hana had a fever. When Mittsu came back home after picking up Hana, he noticed that the house had been cleaned, toys kept in the box, clothes folded, and a good smell coming from the kitchen. It turned out that Tetsuki had done all of these, with the help of Momo and Aki.
  • Tetsuki is well-liked by kids. Momo and Aki love to play with him. They even listened to his advice to apologise to Mittsu when they broke Mittsu's cardboard Koto.


  • Tetsuki (哲生) means, “philosophy, clear (哲) (tetsu), life (生) (ki)”.
  • Takaoka (高岡) means, “tall, high (高) (taka), mount, hill, knoll (岡) (oka)”.



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