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Takeru Kurata ( (くら) () (たけ) () , Kurata Takeru) is the younger brother of Takezo Kurata and a student at Meiryou High School.


Takeru has blonde hair and he is taller than Takezo Kurata.


Takezo Kurata

  • Growing up, Takeru had a close bond with his older brother and always admired him. After passing the entrance exam to Meiryou High and sharing the news to Takezo, who also originally planned to get into Meiryou but failed the entrance exam, Takezo's reaction was not what Takeru expected. Taking Takezo's reaction as a dismissal, Takeru started to have a hostile attitude towards his brother. He disliked Takezo's involvement in a koto club. However, upon learning his brother's dedication to it, Takeru accepted it and seems to be happy for his brother.

Osuke Kiryu

  • Kiryu is in the same year as Takeru at Meiryou High. They seem to be acquainted enough for Kiryu to call Takeru with a nickname, which Takeru dislikes.


  • The name Takeru means "military, martial" (武) (take) and "flow, style, manner, method" (流) (ru).
  • Takeru's surname Kurata means "single, piece" (片) (kata) and "warehouse, storehouse, barn, treasury, granary, cellar, magazine, godown, depository, elevator, storage place, repository, supply shed, grain elevator, stockpile, arsenal" (倉) (kura) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta).


  • According to Takeru's profile page [1]:
    • He likes junkfood and dislikes pickled dish.
    • During school holidays, he does what he thinks is suitable.
    • There is almost nothing that can make him laugh.


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