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Taishin Yamamoto ( (やま) (もと) (たい) (しん) , Yamamoto Taishin) is the former advisor of Hakuto High School Koto Club. He composed songs for them.


Yamamoto is a tall man with blonde hair and light brown eyes.



Yamamoto had no knowledge about music or koto before he became a math teacher and became the koto club adviser for Hakuto. The members of Hakuto's koto club taught him about it and he learned how to created scores on his own time using his math abilities.



  • The name Taishin means "big, great" (大) (tai) and "heart, mind, soul" (心) (shin).
  • Taishin's surname Yamamoto means "mountain, hill" (山) (yama) and "base, root, origin, source" (本) (moto).


  • According to his profile page [1]:
    • Yamamoto has many likes he can't choose but he likes all sort of fruits and he loves tea biscuits. As long as the food is not rotten, he will like it.
    • On his free time, he goes to lives and concerts, watches movies, drives around and travels. He used to only study math and compose but he realized he need to diversify to compose music.
    • He speaks to himself when left alone. He is strong-willed and has no sense of personal space.


  1. Volume 13. Kono Oto Tomare!


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