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Suzuka Takinami (滝浪涼香(たきなみ すずか), Takinami Suzuka) is a math teacher at Tokise High School and the advisor for the Tokise High School Koto Club. He also composes songs for the club.


Takinami has dark black hair and dark green eyes. He has a slight stubble and is often seen with an annoyed expression on his face.


Takinami often has a neutral expression and doesn't really react too much. When he does have strong feelings, he usually doesn't show it. For example, when he told Akira Dōjima he was very nervous, she couldn't tell he was nervous. Takinami also tends to be blunt with his words and talks his mind without sugar-coating it.


Born to world-renowned artists, Takinami grew up in the world of music. As a child, he would listen to compositions until he got bored of what he hears and composed on his own. His compositions were used in performances. However, the restricting atmosphere of the music stage prompted Takinami to leave and abandon music. After some time, he would then become a math teacher at Tokise High School, where he also took on the advisorship of its koto club. His interactions with the members and their straightforward attitude towards the koto rekindle Takinami's love for music. He becomes dedicated to guiding the koto club members whenever he can, albeit still maintaining his aloof facade.




  • The name Suzuka means "cool, refreshing" (涼) (suzu) and "fragrance, fragrant" (香) (ka).
  • Suzuka's surname Takinami means "waterfall, cascade, watering place" (滝) (taki) and "wandering, waves, billows" (浪) (nami).


  • According to his profile page [1]:
    • Takinami likes soba and tempura. He dislikes nattō.
    • He spends his holidays on movies, music, exhibition tours, reading, and at gyms to move his body.
    • He teaches mathematics because the answers are clear and easy.
    • He can speak English and German.



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