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Satowa Houtsuki (鳳月 (ほうづき) さとわ, Houtsuki Satowa) is is the main female protagonist of Kono Oto Tomare!. She is the heiress to the Houtsuki School, the daughter of Reiji Hozuki and Chiharu Hozuki, a 2nd year student at Tokise High School and a member of the Tokise High School Koto Club.


Satowa is an attractive teenage girl with waist-length brown hair that is mostly seen down (but she ties her hair in a ponytail every once in a while) with bangs hanging over her forehead, brown eyes, full pink lips and she is noted to have a rather big cup size.


Born as the heiress to the elite Houtsuki School, Satowa experienced an enjoyable childhood which lasted until Reiji Houtsuki passed away that his death was a great shock to Chiharu Houtsuki.

After Reiji's death, the pressure of running the school gradually made Chiharu increasingly more abusive towards Satowa that she began to rebel against her mother and eventually left the Houtsuki family after receiving a very strict lesson everyday. Upon being exiled, Satowa initially determines to prove her worth by aiming to win in Koto Competitions. However, she soon realizes that she can't do it alone and she has fully learned the meaning of "friendship".



Chika Kudo

In the beginning, Satowa views Chika as ridiculous and dumb that they often argued a lot with each other. Eventually, when Satowa found out about Chika's backstory from Kota Mizuhara, their relationship became closer and it is apparent that she develops feelings for him overtime. Satowa confirms her feelings for Chika after he mistakes her for a pillow, it is also noted that the feelings they are have for each other are mutual. However, nothing was set in stone due to Chika's naivety. In the latest chapter of the manga, when shielding Chika as well as stopping him from entering a fight, Satowa was questioned why she would go to great extent to protect Chika, prompting her to openly confessing her feelings towards him.

Kazusa Ootori

Kazusa has an obsession with Satowa leading her to attempt to hug her and convince her to join Himesaka Girls' Academy which fails every time.


  • The name Satowa is written in hiragana (さとわ), which has no special meaning. However, when part of the name Sato (1) is written in kanji (郷, 慧, 賢, 悟, 識, 聡, 智, 都, 里 or 惺), it could possibly mean:
    • 郷 - "home town, village, native place, district".
    • 慧 - "intelligent".
    • 賢 - "intelligent/intelligence, wise/wisdom, cleverness".
    • 悟 - "enlightenment".
    • 識 - "acquaintanceship, discriminating, know/knowledge, write".
    • 聡 - "intelligent, clever, bright".
    • 智 - "wisdom, intellect".
    • 都 - "metropolis, capital".
    • 里 - "village".
    • 惺 - "realize".
  • Satowa's surname Houtsuki means "phoenix" (鳳) (ho) and "moon" (月) (tsuki/zuki).


  • According to Satowa's profile page [1]:
    • Satowa recently has taken a liking to monja and she dislikes cold rice.
    • She doesn't want to say what she does during school holidays.
    • Satowa is a koto-baka and is clumsy with many other things except koto.
    • Satowa comes from Sanskrit which means "harmony", "love" and "imagination."
    • Satowa tends to use a "damsel in distress" act to get her way, once she has what she desires she returns to her true self, which may seem as "mean/tough".


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