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Mio Kanzaki ( (かん) (ざき) (みお) , Kanzaki Mio) is a 2nd year student at Hakuto High School and a member of its koto club.


Mio has dark hair that is often unkempt and brown eyes.


Mio is a very monotone (a continuing sound, especially of a person's voice, that is unchanging in pitch and without intonation) person.


Mio was friends with Uta Suzumori since they were kids and started playing the koto with her at the age of six. He also has the ability to "see sounds" which is presumed to be perfect pitch.



Uta Suzumori

They were childhood friends that hung out with each other. They both learned koto from Uta's mother.

Taishin Yamamoto

Taishin often hangs out with Mio while he lies on the floor listening to the sounds around him.

Chika Kudo

When they first met, Mio surprised Chika and often follows him to try to become his friend. Out of nowhere he often appears behind Chika and rests his chin on Chika's shoulder.


  • The name Mio means "water route, shipping channel" (澪).
  • Mio's surname Kanzaki means "god, deity" (神) (kan) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki/zaki).


  • His seiyuu (voice actor), Shōta Aoi, sings the first and second opening theme of the anime: Tone and Harmony.
  • According to his profile page [1]:
    • Mio likes oreos and only oreos. He doesn't understand food that can't be bitten through.
    • On his free time, he daydreams. He finds it amazing that people do special stuff during their free time.
    • He can't feel changes in himself. He will try to befriend people that piques his interest.



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