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Michitaka Sakai ( (さかい) (みち) (たか) , Sakai Michitaka) is a second year student at Tokise High School and a member of the Tokise High School Koto Club.


Mittsu has short pink hair.



Natsu Momoya

They didn't really get along. Mittsu's feelings get hurt by Momoya when he suggested that his sheet music should be simplified so that he could actually play it. Later on, Momoya apologizes and they make up.


  • The name Michitaka means "connoisseur, traffic, pass through, avenue, commute, counter for letters, notes, documents, etc." (通) (michi) and "filial piety, obedience" (孝) (taka).
  • Michitaka's surname Sakai means "world" (堺).


  • According to his profile page [1]:
    • Mittsu likes anything that fills the stomach. However, he doesn't feel like eating cotton candy.
    • His current enemy is the seiza (the formal sitting position that is used when playing the koto), and as such, he's started thinking of going into a diet.
    • He cries seeing his younger siblings' growth.
  • Kota Mizuhara, Sanae and Chika Kudo often make fun of Mittsu for being "fat".


  1. Volume 2. Kono Oto Tomare!


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