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Isaki Kudo (久遠 衣咲, Kudo Isaki) is the aunt of Chika Kudo who provides a place for him to live after his grandfather passed away.


Isaki has shoulder-length black hair, from the expressions of others she is noted as beautiful, although it is most likely the reactions are from her way of dressing.


Isaki is a very strong and independent type of woman, shown in the way Chika Kudo has a hard time defying her. She is blunt and quick-tempered much like Chika, but in the same sense she often gives him and the rest of the club members solid advice which is her own way of showing she cares. Isaki also gives off the older sister trope often shown in manga and anime (e.g. walking around the house mostly naked and giving orders to Chika).


Chika Kudo

Being his aunt, Isaki takes care of him. She isn't afraid to leave her stuff lying around and often hits him. The space Chika has to sleep is very small and can be "expanded" at night.

Satowa Hozuki

Isaki often tries to set Satowa up with Chika Kudo.

Suzuka Takinami

They became friends during a training camp when Isaki was learning how to cook and Takinami helped. She is also his kouhai (underclassmen) from the same high school.


  • The name Isaki means "clothing, garment" (衣) (i) and "blossom" (咲) (saki).
  • Isaki's surname Kudo means "long time" (久) (ku) and "distant, far" (遠) (do).


  • According to Isaki's profile page [1]:
    • She likes sake.
    • During holidays, she either sleeps to the utmost or goes out to spend money.
  • Isaki (and Chika Kudo by extension) lives in an expensive-looking high-rise apartment. Judging by the size and appearance, she likely has a high paying job.


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