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Chika Kudo ( () (どお) (ちか) , Kudo Chika) is one of the main male protagonists of Kono Oto Tomare! alongside Takezo Kurata. He is a 2nd year student at Tokise High School and a member of the Tokise High School Koto Club.


Chika is a tall young man with short straight blond hair that has bangs hanging over his face and narrow brown eyes.


Chika has a very childish personality. He is straight forward with his words but doesn't clearly know how to express himself or understand others. He likes to help out his friends, but becomes shy when they thank him. He is a devoted and caring friend.


Prior to the start of the series, Chika was neglected by his father and was caused to live with his grandfather, Gen Kudo, instead. During these days, Chika would always get into fights and is infamous because of this. Despite this, Tetsuki Takaoka was close to him and would often come to Gen's house to check up on Chika. Through his grandfather's attempts, and also Tetsuki's reaching outs, Kudo starts to become mellow. Unfortunately, the bad crowd he was hanging out with disliked this and set Chika up by ransacking his grandfather's house where he crafts kotos that he is blamed for this by the neighbors and the police. Not long after this incident, Gen passed away due to a heart disease and it is revealed that Chika now lives with his paternal aunt, Isaki Kudo, after Gen's passing.



Tetsuki Takaoka

Tetsuki and Chika have been close friends since they were kids.[1] The two make an odd pair for having quite the opposite reputations. Chika was an infamous delinquent who frequently got into fights while Tetsuki was a diligent student. Tetsuki is arguably the character who understands Chika the most.

Takezo Kurata

In the beginning, Takezo didn't trust Chika at all. Despite that, Chika kept on trying to join the koto club over and over again. Eventually, when some other students bullied Takezo and beat him up, Chika was blamed for it and was almost expelled. When Takezo found out, he ran over to the principal's office and stopped them from blaming Chika. Chika was then accepted to the koto club.

Satowa Hozuki

At first, Satowa and Chika had a rather antagonistic relationship. Satowa saw Chika as someone who does not take the koto seriously and hence does not deserve to play it. Through time, however, Satowa and Chika grow closer to each other. Chika looks up to Satowa's koto skills and views her as a sort of rival. It is also implied that Chika has developed romantic feelings towards Satowa, and vice versa (he called her beautiful and cute). Neither, however, have confessed to the other.

Sometimes Chika gets an almost uncontrollable urge to touch Satowa, leading to him losing control and do things from patting her head to holding her closely.


As of Chapters 105 ("Chika") & 106 ("Love"), when Chika's hands were about to get injured by some thugs, Satowa jumped in front of him to save him. Despite being warned that she could get hurt, Satowa hugged Chika protectively and announced that they'll have to get through her before they can hurt Chika. Uzuki asked why she's willing to do this despite knowing there will be consequences that she might regret. Satowa loudly answered back with "Because I love him. Because I really love Kudo!". She continued saying that because she loves him, that was why she didn't want him to get hurt, that it was why she wanted to protect him, treasure him, and make him smile.

She announced that she always wants him to be happy, and that's why she's not letting him go and that they can't tear her away from him.

Kudo remembers his Grandpa's last wish that he wants Chika being happy, to use those hands to protect something and grab hold of happiness. His Grandpa told him that there will come a time when he will have to make a decision, and at that moment, to not hesitate and always choose the road that leads to his happiness. Whatever happens, it will always be Chika's decision, so "become happy, Chika".

At that moment, Chika's hands and arms go around Satowa, and he hugs her back just as tightly. They sit on the ground, faces buried on each other's shoulder.

During Chapter 109 ("Words of the Dawn"), while the Koto Club were watching the footage recorded by Satowa, it was revealed that she recorded her confession to Kudo accidentally, prompting everyone to cover for her. Chika, however, had enough of it all and decided to reciprocate her feelings, shocking everyone present in the koto club.


  • The name Chika means "love, affection" (愛).
  • Chika's surname Kudo means "long time" (久) (ku) and "distant, far" (遠) (do).


  • Yūma Uchida (Chika's seiyuu) sings the first and second ending theme called Speechless and Rainbow.
  • According to Chika's profile page [2]:
    • He likes anything sweet and onigiri while dislikes bitter food.
    • It is shown he favors strawberries over anything else.
    • During school holidays, he either sleeps or practices the koto.
    • He is generally not interested in other people, but he sees it as worthy if that person forgives him.


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