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Chiharu Hozuki (鳳月 千春(ほうづき ちはる), Hozuki Chiharu) is the head of the Hozuki School of koto, the wife of Reiji Hozuki and the mother of Satowa Hozuki.


Chiharu has dusty-gray hair that is always tied up in a bun with bangs swept to the right and purple eyes.

She is often seen wearing a kimono.


Chiharu has two personalities from the past and present:

  • In the past, Chiharu was a very kind mother who loved Satowa Hozuki very much.
  • When Reiji Hozuki died from an illness and people pressured her to raise Satowa to be a genius, she slowly became stricter and stricter to Satowa.
    • When Satowa came back, Chiharu became kinder and more loving again.


Satowa Hozuki

Reiji is Chiharu's husband whom Satowa was the one thing that kept Chiharu going after he died. Unfortunately, their relationship went downhill as Chiharu became stricter and more abusive to her daughter, causing her to excommunicate (a kind of banishment) Satowa.

It was shown that even though Satowa was excommunicated, Chiharu still considers her as her daughter as shown when Dōjima tried to downplay Satowa and her friends, but it is also implied that Chiharu regrets letting Satowa go.

After the Tokise High School koto club played Tenkyu at the preliminaries, Chiharu reunited with Satowa and she brought her back to the Hozuki School.


Season 1

Season 2


  • The name Chiharu means, “thousand (千) (chi), spring (春) (haru)”.
  • Chiharu's surname Hozuki means "phoenix" (鳳) (ho) and "moon" (月) (tsuki/zuki).