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Amyū Sakura, most often referred to as Amyū (アミュー), is the writer and illustrator of the Kono Oto Tomare! manga series.


  • Kono Oto Tomare! - August 2012 - ongoing

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  • Amyū has played the koto since 3 years old until in high school.[2][3]
  • Amyū likes ramen, monja, curry, meat, and brown food.[4]
  • Asked whether who among the guys in the series is her type, Amyū responds that they are liked her grandchildren so it is hard to choose but wonders if Sane is. [5]
  • On naming characters, Amyū shares that they come to her mind and then she checks the dictionary for the meaning and sees if it'll work.[6]
  • Amyū listens to any song but does not follow any particular artist.[7]
  • Asked who she wants to get along with if she were of the opposite gender, Amyū answers probably Isaki.[8]
  • Amyū likes both cats and dogs but she only has a dog.[9]
  • Amyū doesn't have experience being a member of a koto club.[10]